Academic Appointed to Head the Minneapolis Fed

The trend continues, with the distinguished macroeconomist Narayana Kocherlakota (Nair-ah-yah-nah Koach-er-lah-ko-tah) appointed as President of the Minneapolis Fed.   The press release is here.

He recently made a very interesting recent contribution to the debate on macroeconomics research – but his note seems to have been ‘delinked’ since the announcement of his appointment.

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Question: how is the balance between freshwater-saltwater in terms of macro-economics as taught, thought, and practiced in Ireland?

@ David O’Donnell

Great question, would be interested in any of the regulars’ insight on this.

As regards taught, I’d imagine that it’s insignificant given how small our class of economics PHD students are and that its generally a mix at undergrad level.

David O’Donnell

Good question.

Keeping slaves hard at work is an important task of TPTB. They use economists and politicians for that purpose. Very few were able to see the writing on the wall in Ireland.

That really answers the question does it not?

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