Hernando de Soto at TCD

Organised by the University Philosophical Society at TCD, Hernando de Soto will give a talk on his book (The Mystery of Capital: Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else) and there’ll be a short Q & A afterwards.

Time:  12.30-2 on Monday October 19th
Venue:  Ed Burke Theatre, Arts Block, TCD

5 replies on “Hernando de Soto at TCD”

Its a good book. Not sure about new though its from about 2000. His other book, the Other path, is also interesting.

It is a triumph! Busts are as much a part of unbridled capitalism as are booms. And the more unbridled it is the boomier the booms and the scarier (and more costly) the busts. “Everywhere else” doesn’t enjoy these triumphs because they try, however ineffectually or cack-handedly, to fit a bridle.

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