Stimulating a Green Recovery

The new issue of Finance & Development carries several articles on this topical issue: you can find the articles here.

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Given this is a green-related post, could i ask any green supporters commenting on this post to refrain from the use of the words “Brat; buffoon; chancer; communist; corner boy; coward; fascist; gurrier; guttersnip; hypocrite; rat; scumbag; scurrilous and yahoo”. According to the Irish Times, such words are banned from the Irish parliament and might also cause offence to more sensitive commenters on this forum.

I am concerned not with the manipulation towards a new world order, NWO, and one government, but with further malinvestment this time into “green” technologies and projects. This may destroy yet more capital, albeit while creating jobs which is a worthwhile social goal. Conservation of energy is always green and also creates jobs. Many of the individuals proposing such schemes are trying to spruik these projects as a way of stimulating investment into them with a view to personal profit. Fine, except that they rope in governments to ensure that this happens and misallocate capital as a result.

There are only a few such technologies that are suitable for Ireland and I suggest that most of these are not mature enough to be worthwhile investing much capital in?

Labour should be so deployed, as a form of workfare, but only on reducing use of energy and perhaps flood prevention. More labour employed in forestry may help to both bsorb run off water and to lower the water table. It may also help to even out the rainfall although this is scientifically unproven as yet. Deserts are organic poor and suffer from larger but less frequent downpours. Ireland is one of the poorest countries in Europe as far as trees are concerned. Britannia ruled the waves with Irish oak!

@ Pat D. Workfare! You must have been reading my mind! Its called competitivness in PC circles. Pity the b******s don’t read a bit of Richard Cantillon [essai sur la nature du commerce en general] and his ideas about the equilibrium trends of prices and wages in a globalized economy.

Unfortunately W******e shall have to be added to LD’s list in post 1 – if any of the union brothers and sisters see it they will go apoplectic! Sadly though, your right. Paradigm change does happen – you need a massive shock (social, political or financial – or better still all three) to get over the idea of abandoning your ‘sunk cost’.

WRT Green Technologies: As the man said, ” … we need the theory to attract the cockroaches”.

I had in mind upgrading the rail lines and installing a circle line around the coastal periphery. Upgrading the canals would be useful also. Trees are good – like Walnut myself. Fruit is high energy. Would they hand out free wellies to the ‘volunteers’?

B Peter

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