CSO Seminar on the Use of Administrative Data

Administrative Data Seminar – 22nd February 2010

– An added dimension to Official Statistics

Seminar Programme is now available.

Venue: Dublin Castle, Erin Room, Dublin 2
Time: 13.30
Date: February 22, 2010
To Register: Email: corporate.support@cso.ie
Contact: Sabrina Bowen @ 021-453 5495

The Central Statistics Office has for many years now been using administrative data to broaden the range, scope and depth of analysis that it can provide to support evidence based policy making. The seminar will highlight some of the achievements to date in this domain and hopefully provide a focus for further developments. The recently published NSB strategy highlighted the need to focus on the development of administrative data holdings and to accelerate the development of a coherent “whole-system” approach to official statistics that links CSO generated statistics with administrative data holdings.

The broad objectives of the seminar are

  • To promote enhanced engagement from stakeholders in the Irish Statistical System by providing concrete examples of the benefits that exploitation of administrative data and matching/linking of sources can provide;
  • To inform stakeholders of current activities and the potential benefits to them (e.g. greater range of statistics, more in-depth analysis, reduced respondent burden, more timely statistics ) from these activities;
  • To highlight what can be achieved when the necessary statistical infrastructure (unique identifiers, postal codes etc.) is in place right across the system.

The target audience is key stakeholders in the Irish Statistical System: data users and data providers (including representative bodies, survey respondents and Public Sector organisations, particularly those on the policy side, with relevant administrative data holdings).

The seminar programme provides an opportunity for key stakeholders to obtain a further appreciation of what information is currently (and potentially) available to support policy formulation and evaluation. The seminar will also showcase some existing statistical products that can be obtained through the exploitation of administrative data. Finally there will also be an opportunity to see what is achievable with respect to small area statistics with an example from Northern Ireland.