The Nordic Countries and the Global Crisis

A distinguished group of economists have written about the implications of the global crisis for the Nordic countries and the ‘Nordic model’  – summary (and link to the full report) available here.

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@Philip Lane

I’m tuned most times to the Scandinavian world …….

Section 12.6 A Global Economy needs more than Local Policies pp. 257-258 sums it up – multi-lateralism. I very much agree .. but how?

Table 12.1 p. 247 Ireland, for 2009, has second worst private investment, worst residential investment, and impressive export ……. so madness to export all this ‘human capital’ at the moment – we need more investment here as the Scandinavians recognise ………… now and medium term we need to up-value-chain as we export or starve …….. race to bottom is pointless as we cannot compete on low-skill low-wage ……

Will add to my ever expanding reading list from this blog. (-;

The reference merely calls for co-ordination. Aaaah, the NWO? No idea how that would have prevented the current evil. But that is the point as those on the inside get to be first on the ol’ sqeeze and release?

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