Hourly Labour Costs Across the EU

This new Eurostat release shows the distribution of labour cost dynamics during 2009 for many EU countries (Ireland not included due to data availability issues).

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So we can’t even see if the Irish internal devaluation strategy is working.

At least we are now seeing that the effects of a europe-wide internal devaluation strategy will be self defeating and may lead to a single currency break-up.


Time to re-think unless we get well ahead of the posse me thinks. The politics are finally following the economics of all this.

I have no specific knowledge, but my assumption is that it’s a temporary problem associated with with the relevant CSO survey (Earnings, Hours and Employment Costs Survey) being new.


Below a link to a substantive Marxist oriented analysis on the capital-labour relation within Europe – the race to the bottom etc to satisfy financial markets – imho race to bottom, either in Ireland or within Europe, is simply handing the future to China, India and others on a plate. We must go ‘race to the top’ (beyond the guff on the smart economy that relevant ministers patently do not understand)- the link here is relevant to the discussion below –


As I noted many years ago (and I haven’t changed me mind since) – Radical theories are rarely applied, and radical theorists rarely employed, in Ireland. Without radical/heterodox input, especially in crisis situations, then decision-making becomes one-sided – and there is more than sufficient evidence on this around here at the mo.


Thanks. Bit annoying – interesting to see labour costs, unemployment, etc and sectoral effects –

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