NYT Profile of Reinhart and Rogoff

This NYT article provides an interesting account of the careers and research choices of Carmen Reinhart and Ken Rogoff.

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OTOH Dean Baker has a scathing rebuttal:

“Actually, much of the fodder for the public debate has been over a separate paper that claims that economies perform more poorly once their debt to GDP ratio exceeds 90 percent. Mr Rogoff and Ms. Reinhart have declined to adhere to standard ethics within the economics profession and have refused to share the data on which they base their conclusion with other researchers.”


Could this be true?
— “Economists have physics envy,” says Richard Sylla —

how does it manifest – your mathematical model is bigger than mine ..

I supect a grain of truth here – of course some psychologists and sociologists etc also would like to “scientificise” their disciplines also – possibly as a result of the disdain of physicists. It’s not respectable unless it can be modelled.

one person who did a similar study and shared all the info was the economic historian david hacket fischer, his book ‘great waves, price fluctuations in history’ (or something like that) is half bibliog/ref/index and he goes back over 800 yrs. you can get it on oxford press. i’m surprised that he isn’t referenced more often, but ‘this time it’s different’ is obviously more ‘today’ relevant than ‘great waves’ which was published in 96′

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