Economic crisis fully explained

It wasn’t incompetent economists after all, it was the GAA that did it — see SIndo

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Didnt the banner expunge the curse of biddy earley a few years ago and therefore cause the Celtic Tiger (the real one) ? Tell me we dont need to have Ger Loughnane exorcise the whole blasted country?
anyhow, the GAA cant be the problem. Sure ever kerryman worth their salt has been baptised in Sam, and dont we run the country…..hang on…theres a logical flaw there…

Mr. Maguire makes it clear that “Every time throughout history the sovereign seal has been desecrated, plagues and terrible misfortune have always followed”.

It should be simple enough for some academic statisticians to contact Mr. Maguire and then to correlate desecration of the sovereign seal with plague and misfortune throughout Irish history. Once proven we could easily ask our legislative leaders to introduce prohibitions against desecration of the seal, eliminating that source of plague and misfortune.

Of course, it’s probable that non desecration of the seal doesn’t confer any actual protection against plague and misfortune being caused by other things….leaving open the possibility that even if the GAA had not desecrated the seal we might well have found ourselves in the sh** anyway. Lehman’s might not be off the hook quite yet.

And the difference between Billy McGuire and Honohan (€50,000,000,000 is “manageable”) is what?

Looks like the same Voodoo to me.


We have our saviours.

One of the Citizen has been hired to sell off the last little bit of treasure the State has.

Peasant like us don’t need to own the electricity and water supply as a Commonwealth.

These things were always available for sale when the money system collapsed.

If one were cynical one might say that the creation of money by banks out of thin air had arranged it so.

Of course if we don’t sell them to resupply Fianna Fail with enough “money” to keep the circus going the “money” suppliers will cut off the “money”.

That would be a dreadful thing.

Imagine the “money” supply being cut off?

Oh the horror.

Do “macro” “economists” know anything about the creation of “money”?

And if they do. Can they tell me if €1.5 quadrillion in derivatives is or is not “money”?

It’s just that some do.

That is, they expect to get paid in … you guessed it…. “money”.

But hey. I’m sure that’s “manageable” also.

Yes Frank.

I saw that on YouTube (though not from, do you have a link to that site?).

It was entertaining (and very slick in presentation). The cartoonist and director must be in great demand. If they are not, some media mogul is missing an opportunity.

However, there was nothing new in this other than that Marxists admit they are too dumb to see what’s happening around them when it’s happening and need other people to explain it before they can fit it in to their cretinous philosophy.

Forgetting the “noughts” may work. Check out Brian’s solution on Apres Match.

Those ESB workers have to get a return on “their” investments. Started out they worked for us and we paid them ridiculously high salaries as well as guaranteed jobs for life and pensions up to the day they die.

No enough! They had to seize the company from within (insider trading) so that they would get an even bigger pay off if the company was ever sold off. The ESB is a company run for the exclusive benefit of its workers. same as all the state and semi state companies. That is why the plebs cannot get connected to the grid with their alternative energy projects.

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