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Unacceptable Philip. Some of us have nothing better to do on a Saturday night than have a good aul rant on here…


Don’t get carried away now – exceptions, no matter how pragmatically aesthetic, rarely prove the rule. (-;

@PL may we have certainty with that?


I’ve figured it all out. On Wed and throughout Thurs global doom an gloom – later Thurs Arthur’s Day kicks in – Friday all is rosy, everything up … the aesthetic turn even boosting consumer spending ….. 24 hour lag: how many Arthur’s Days can we plausibly fit into a year? Which days are most auspicious? What would Lewis make of it all?

@ DoD

you’re not thinking big enough – Arthurs Weeks. In fact, perhaps if we just drink ourselves silly non stop we can get the economy going again. Think about it – consumer spening through the roof based around Irish produced goods like beer, McDonalds and breakfast rolls; we create a whole new industry around hangover cures; productivity goes through the floor necessitating increased employment; and our life expectancy plummets meaning we won’t have to worry about using the NPRF anytime soon to fund pensions. Voila.

@ Karl

a good aul debate on subbies, drinking beer and watching Dunphy go off on one on the Premiership. This is what great Saturdays are made of…

“you’re not thinking big enough”

you might be onto something : Arthur’s Night, Culture night and a few new things organized over the weekend. Might be a good way to boost tourism!


Yes but need to substitute something softer than the breakfast roll due to the deflation and downsizing of Irish mouths – dentists now only covered for extractions [no fillins since Kutz McCarthy cure implemented here on the serfs – so back to the history books and the recipes for soup – we could Franchise ‘Souper Sullivan’ (if eoin_een aristotle ‘bertie-appointed ME harriss agrees to donate the copyright) – and we still have Swift’s Modest Proposal to flavour the soup …..

Mr. Bond is definitely on to something here, but we need to play for real FDI instead of relying on Keynesian hocus-pocus. In other words RENT PARTY! Or, you know, bank party. Now here is an actually effective opportunity to promote/exploit global Brand Ireland. Two weeks starting from Hallow’een, I’d say, if it wasn’t a bit too late to arrange now. BYOCC. Hotel visits, taxi fares, the airport levy, all that drink (get talking to Diageo), real live bank board members in the ducking stool, €20 a go…

Well I am not going to hold my breath waiting for a panacea that will cure all our economic problems in one fell swoop. Any plan to bring cash into the country is OK by me, no matter how big or small it is.

I think America must think that the current coalition government in the UK is some form of “Service Interruption”…. I was just on a US news site that flashed up: “Ed Miliband voted new leader of the UK.”

Streuth. And they probably think some drunken Irishman is running this country.


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