Cormac O Grada awarded RIA Gold Medal

Congratulations to Cormac O Grada who has been awarded 2010 Royal Irish Academy Gold Medal.  This is the premier Irish academic award and in Cormac’s case it is richly deserved.

PS: I released this yesterday but then quickly withdrew it as I thought it was embargoed!  But I think its OK to release the news now – just tell one person at a time!

13 replies on “Cormac O Grada awarded RIA Gold Medal”

Congratulations Cormac! Well deserved recognition for your huge national and international influence.

Well done! Contributing to the knowledge of at least three centuries is quite some achievement.

I have to say, while O Grada is certainly impressive and recognition is well deserved, wouldn’t it be nice if such elegant and educational writing had a happier subject. Irish history seems to be an almost unbroken narrative of decline and emigration.

Bring on a future O Grada with similarly well written work who talks of “Irish recovery. 2011-2030”, and “The Irish Model – Sustainable Growth and Social Justice”. We might even dream of working papers with titles like “A Study of the impact of overseas Irish Industrial Investment 2020-2050”, with special chapters on the Irish Sovereign Wealth fund, investment in developing countries, and a comparative study on the success rates of Irish vs other OECD investments.

Allow me to congratulate O Grada while hoping that someday one of his students can match his style and erudition, but with happier content.

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