Successful Bond Auction

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Yes… It can’t be too long now before governments begin to realise the beneficial effects “machine guns, a bullet-proof shield and tracking device” can have on buyer enthusiasm. Give it 5 years and they’ll be de rigeur.

So Ireland is “allowed” to borrow at high interest rates, all of which is sovereign debt, undertaken by a fully consenting government, not a populace hooked on reckless borrowing funded by folks who were lending recklessly.

The debt is therefore more dangerous than the debt it is going to fund!

So trejoice, one and all!

The deficit is safe for another time period, whether that be weeks or months ……. No real hardship required. The pusher is helping us to get off all the easy credit! Wonderful! Rehab without pain? Or actually is it that we now opwe more than ever, threatening the ability to repay even more?

As more interest is due, the deficit increases……

“Successful” bond auction?????? Really? It seems that those who welcome it, wish to accumulate as much debt as the market will allow. Do they then decide to default? Hoping that with the likelihood that other EZ countries will also default, little Ireland with its prestigious IFSC, will escape notice? Or have they done their sums and “know” that repayment will be easy, befor interest and reborrowing at higher rates make the debt double, in time of depression?

I do not rejoice. Close the deficit while there is still economic actiity to tax. Oh well, there is always a window tax and a tax on urine to implement. Pecunia non olet!

The taxes will eventually be raised, however long it takes!!!!! There is a reason why the eith house governs the inevitable things in life: death, taxes and sex!

eigth house

WE could use an edit function?

Could TCD not set up an out reach site for its academics to impact the world? Micky Morbh poly either? So much for the smart economy! A microcosm?

Bravo – today must be Funny Friday.
Make a change from White Flag Thursday a.k.a. Black Thursday.

Maybe we could have a new bond film called Biffo and the Greenies. The villian will have a jet and a private army to look after him. Stuck in the Dail he prints counterfiet bonds that he sends to the ECB, via the banks, to turn into real Euros. His plan is to collapse the global financial system and he works under the cover of the greenies who build huge easter island statues all over the country.

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