Irish Society of New Economists Conference

This year’s conference is organised by UCD PhD students Alan Fernihough, Mark McGovern, Svetlana Batrakova and Rob Gillanders and will take place in UCD on Thursday 18th and Friday 19th August. Deadline for abstracts is May 30th. There will be keynotes by Professors Morgan Kelly (UCD) and Peter Neary (Oxford). Further details are available on the website (, or from the organisers. Last year’s session in TCD featured 28 sessions with over 100 speakers from 66 departments in 20 countries. There is no registration charge and unfortunately no funds for assistance with travel and accommodation.

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Thanks for the plug. Dublin based academics should expect to be harassed by us soon as we want to increase the grown up attendance rate.

@Rob Gillanders

‘… increase the grown up attendance …’?

Whatever for? Refresher courses? De-indoctrination sessions? Streams for Ayn_een Randite and Mairteen_Feldsteen recovery groups? The Flat-earth efficient market hypotheses cults? the ontolically challenged? The epistemological new poor? Bleed1n positivists? Illusionists? Are you feelin aw-roight?

Best of luck …. (-;

Academics unite – why not?

We need leadership at every level – attend and have a voice. Learning is a continuum. Leverage and teamwork drive results, which can ONLY happen by a meeting of minds, absent any drug enhancing influence. Economists, learn from the past as a way of predicting & protecting our future,

Simple mind or simple truth?


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