London Event: “Banks, bondholders and risk- Ireland’s call”

Discussion Forum
Wednesday, 6th April 2011
6.00pm for 6.30pm start – 8.30pm


Cass Business School
106 Bunhill Row
London, EC1Y 8TZ

Banks, bondholders and risk- Ireland’s call

Can restructuring/burden-sharing lead to growth, investment, jobs?

Debt looms over every discussion about Ireland. Is public and private debt sustainable? Is it fair? Who pays? Who decides?

The practical question comes down to how to deal with debt so that the real economy – real businesses, real jobs, real livelihoods – have the best outcome, soonest.

No course of action is easy. Timing is critical, too. There are risks in every direction. Which is the best course? What is do-able, what will work?

Business for Ireland is hosting an open discussion forum focused on these practical questions. Key speakers to lead the discussion and stimulate participation will include:

Dermot O’Leary, Goodbody Stockbrokers, author of the influential analysis ‘Irish Debt Dynamics’ February 2011
Donal Donovan, former Deputy Director at the IMF, adjunct professor at the University of Limerick, visiting lecturer at Trinity College Dublin.
Brendan Keenan, Economics Editor, Independent Newspapers, Ireland’s leading economic journalist
The event will be chaired by Margaret Doyle, Columnist, Reuters BreakingViews.

Places are limited. Please RSVP to

Business For Ireland is a London-based group supporting economic growth in Ireland, bringing together business leaders and opinion shapers doing business in and with Ireland to discuss the prospects for the real economy in Ireland.

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Chelski vs Utd CL SF is on at 7.45pm, wouldn’t want to be the last speaker…


Timing and the Irish sense of time does appear to be an elusive enigma! & why is the blog still on GMT 30 moons after the guarantee?

Brendan Keenan…Ireland’s “leading economic journalist”

According to Brendan Keenan?

There is a touch of the boy who cried wolf about the efforts to get London money interested again in Ireland

15 November, 2010
“Good evening Excellency, Ladies and Gentlemen. I’m delighted, on behalf of the Irish Government and IDA Ireland, to have the opportunity to meet and talk to you this evening.
I want to start by dealing with the recent speculation in the national and international media in relation to Ireland and a possible “bailout” from Europe. Ireland has not made an application for external support. The Irish Exchequer has ample cash reserves and is fully funded through to the middle of 2011. In addition, Ireland has nearly €25 billion of assets in the sovereign-wealth-fund-style National Pensions Reserve Fund.”


Agree 100% – the gall of this clown!
He was so condescending to Kelly in that program. He has been part of the problem and now wants to be part of the solution just like all the other insiders in the country – they think they’re better than us….

The conversation really needs to get to the point where we start to talk about G for growth and move away from D for debt and I for interest rate and start to talk up the fact that for example 1) Irish companies in the US nearly employ as many locally as US companies in Ireland and 2) particularly in a UK context, that UK trade with Ireland is greater than all the BRIC countries combined.

Brendan Keenan is a thorough gentleman and I have never known him to condescend to anyone including Morgan Kelly. He was, on this occasion, 100% wrong of course but no less a gentleman for that.

Perhaps, someone will draw attention to the different accommodations reached with politicians in the two jurisdictions?

So far three MPs have been sent to prison for abusing parliamentary allowances and expenses. Odds on that happening in Ireland?

Have to agree with PMD
Brendan Keenan deserves more respect than having some anonymous gobshite posting shite on the internet.

Re Brendan Keenan. The defence sounds like a court report. “The solicitor defending told the judge that Brendan Keenan comes from a well respected local family.”

He was rude to Kelly, the outsider on that Primetime. The 2 representatives of the Dublin elite ganged up on him. One of them asked if the whole market got its pricing wrong on the Irish banks. How could the whole market be wrong? Kelly said it was and Keenan tried to imply he was stupid.

For information of those who make ad hominem attacks on Brendan Keenan: he did not call himself Ireland’s leading economic journalist. The organisers of this event, of whom I am one, did.

We stand over that, with due regard to all other economic journalists, many of whom would, I suspect, so describe Brendan, if the issue were put to them. It is a matter of opinion, of course.

The best among journalists, like Brendan and others who have also been attacked occasionally here, make no claim to infallibility, particularly as they are called to write under time pressure and with newly emerging information that can’t be scrutinised fully in the time available, even by experts (and may prove ultimately not as robust as seemed initially).

Let he who is without sin, etc….

@ PMD and AL

Maybe you guy are not looking at the same program I was – there was only one gentleman to be seen and that was Morgan Kelly so all I can say from one anonymous gobshite on the internet to two others

There are none so blind as those who will not see! – have a look at the clip again.

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