WEO/GFSR: Analytical Chapters

The analytical chapters from the IMF’s World Economic Outlook and Global Financial Stability Report have been released.

WEO chapters are here.

GFSR chapters are here.

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Look at the Private Capital flows chart in thw WEO report chapter 4. It’s a little confusing, but basically, the red countries (China/Brazil/Germany, France, Canada, etc) are out of trouble. The blue countries, (Ireland, US,UK,India, Iceland, etc) are still in trouble.

Liquidity Risk Chapter


The boards of the Irish banks will, I’m absolutely certain, be up all night reading this one …… as will Dear Lorenzo trying to figure why he is not cited …. and trying to figure out how did those Irish citizen_serf_fools manage to pose such a creeping risk to his florentin_ecb reputation … he will, of course, ignore the chapter on capital flows.

‘Capital flow variability is likely to remain a fact of life for both emerging market and advanced economies. The key is to ensure that such variability does not compromise economic growth and financial stability. As further discussed in Chapter 1, policymakers need to adopt the right mix of macroeconomic policies, prudential financial supervision, and
macro-prudential measures to maintain strong growth in the face of variable capital flows.’

Are authors up for a Nordic Gong on this discovery?

In my day we called that ‘Hot Money’ 🙂

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