Morgan Kelly’s New Warning

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It was Larry Gogan that always wound me up most with the just a minute quiz.

Here’s the imagined conversation..

LG’s Question: Can you add 5 plus 12 plus 7?
HS’s correct Answer: Yes

I’m actually hopeful for Jedward. Is that bad?

Urban Dictionary: Putting lipstick on a Piig

“A term used by many, generally in reference to someone who may be trying to make something or someone look appealing or attractive when it quite clearly will not work, or will only deceive the dumbest of people. “

Rosenstock also does a version of Constantin Gurdgiev. Does him as a cross between Jose Mourinho, something that sounds vaguely like a Tipperary hurler, and topped off with aspects of the Meercat from those insurance adds. Thought CG would be offended but he seems to have adopted some of the mannerisms on his twitter account!

There’s been a concerted effort to rubbish Morgan Kelly’s opinions over the last week. I suppose ending up on Gift Grub was inevitable.

Ireland has collectively decided, once again, not to take the Professor’s views seriously.

It is a far far better thing that the economics community dons the green jersey and gets behind Jedward.


I don’t think much of an effort was required.

Teach him to suck the soul out of everyone EVEN JEDWARD.

I hate to say it but Morgan Kelly is right again!!!
We really must hope that they kidnap Jedward and demand our bonds as ransom. It’s the only way out of this mess!!!
Honestly though – got to say – wish them all the best!

@ Philip Lane – thanks

@ Eureka

economic performance is quite clearly correlated with Ireland’s performance in the Eurovision. Our domination of the event in the 90’s was in tandem with our economic miracle at the same time. Equally so our deterioration muscially as well as economically in recent years. It’s fitting that the Dustin The Turkey episode happened in 2008, the year of the ill-fated guarantee. Jedwards hammering of the rest of the field will herald the coming of the Celtic Tiger mark II. Plus, the ECB can’t claim they didn’t have it coming to them…

quite brilliant – I remember a time when we had no impersonators or comedians worth a damn – now we have some of the best in the world with Rosenstock the Apres match crew et al and combined with a savage satiric humour – at least something bodes well for the future

A member of Nirvana once said that they knew they had made it when Weird Al did a parody of ‘Smells like Teen Spirit’. I hope Prof Kelly takes this in the same spirit. Nice one by the Gift Grub team, very funny.

Agree with John. Rosenstock takes the mick out of anyone who is well-known. Not part of an agenda to ridicule MK. Just very funny.

@ Liam

Morgan Kelly has now become contemporary cultural phenomonon. Whether he wanted to or not. Thats what this represents.

My apologies to Liam Hennigan

@ Liam Delaney

You’d make a great sommelier. 🙂


It’s just funny.

Whenever I am shaving and I hear the muffled sound of Joan Burton’s gift grub persona coming from the other room I have to make a split decision whether to concentrate on getting to work or running in to listen to Joan. Stayed shaving for this one so thanks for posting the link.

Best Gift Grub ever! Even surpasses Radio Roy in its heyday. Morgan Kelly You are officially a celeb when mario goes to the bother of learning your voice and building a caricature. Unfortunately he seems to have borrowed the the Mark Lawrenson match of the day caricature for you. “Nothing but misery and woe Gary”

A well-respected economist, who requested anonymity, believes there is a “real possibility that the ECB would not continue to support the Irish banks and instead would put everything into supporting the rest of Europe – essentially what the US did with Lehman Brothers. Allowing Lehman’s to collapse was perceived as a mistake, but it also sent an important signal. I really don’t see where Morgan Kelly is coming from.”

“Well-respected” ANONYMOUS economists annoy me! “Well-respected” ANONYMOUS economists spinning the Lehman’s Card REALLY annoy me!

Eurovision is interesting tonight.
We always here about political voting. I suspect the allegiances are not too far off Real Europe.
So we learn our friends are in Scandinavia, UK and Germany. Some connection with one of the Baltics too.
Southern Europe is onto itself and nobody likes the French that much.
So..Europe should divide into smaller areas of natural alignment. 3/4 subregions that can get really closely integrated.
Sorry – had a drink or two but the idea of a subregionalized Europe should be looked at

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