Life in the Eurozone With or Without Sovereign Default?

The proceedings of the April conference in Florence on this topic are now available as a free PDF ebook – you can find it here.  More details on the conference and the impressive lineup of speakers (including Karl Whelan of this parish) are available here.

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In Florence – and Lorenzo Bini Smaghi mentioned only once in 180 pages – lools like a serious conference.

Following Munchau – we will be in quarantine for over a decade at least … those not old enough to seek a presidential nomination, or young enough to qualify for the junior ranks in Kenmare, are probably best advised to either emigrate or become somewhat anarchic in the usual docile conservative servile Irish sense.

“lools like a serious conference”

@ David O’Donnell

You can rest assured that only the most capable and good looking people go to the EUI 😀

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