4 thoughts on “Vacancy: Secretary General of Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation”

  1. That is the first top level PS jobvert I’ve seen that actually gives enough info so that an outsider can apply. One disturbing note though is the 34hr45min net week….that is a full 5 hours behind any private sector job, and presumably these terms are widespread. It is time for the PS to increase core hours in line with the private sector.

  2. They say – “The Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation is a major Department of State ….”

    Which do they regard as the minor Departments?

  3. Desmond
    I’d be very surprised if the secretary general would get away with much less than 50h per week, of any Dept, minor or other. One suspects that this time indication is a hangover of social partnership

  4. @Philip ii
    Agreed, but it sends a bad signal, and doubtless some APO’s/PO’s follow those hours.

    All new contracts should be 39-40 hour weeks

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