Seminar on R&D and Climate Change Innovation

On the 21st of September Professor David Mowery of UC Berkeley will give a seminar entitled ‘Mission Driven R&D and Climate Change Innovation: Lessons from US Experience with Information Technology’ at the ESRI (Whitaker Square, Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin 2).  This is a lunchtime seminar starting at 1pm. More details can be found here.

By Edgar Morgenroth

Professor of Economics at Dublin City University Business School

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“Meeting this challenge will require the development of new technologies and the substantial improvement of existing ones”

Technology alone isn’t going to cut it. We have to rebuild resilience. Take New Orleans . Common sense practiced over 40 years would have saved it. There was no tech magic bullet to stop the damage Katrina did to the city.

Discount everything at -5% , economists. See what it looks like for future generations.

Neoliberalism is a suicide machine in nobody’s interest- climate breakdown is going to take down everything including the Squid.
Of course Richard Tol works out that it’ll be economically better for everyone until the moment of the final Götterdämmerung.

Yet also worth noting that Prof. Mowery will be delivering a lecture on ‘Business Innovation and Universities: International Approaches to Technology Transfer’ on 20th Sept (ESRI/RIA event) .

Given that there has been significant R&D investment input in our higher education institutions, some international insights into how best mobilise this investment into something economically tangible (spin-offs etc), as well as actually ‘measuring’ the output of this high-spend is most certainly welcome!

@Edgar Morgenroth

Bit off thread – but how much longer does Europe have to wait for the ‘Free’ Democrats to implode? EZ needs a snap election yesterday in Germany and a long vacation for the German Constitutional Court. We are all toast if we have to wait for Dastardly Deauville’s 2013.

‘Eurobonds pose a potentially lethal threat to Ms Merkel’s coalition. The junior coalition partners of her Christian Democrat party, the Free Democrats, have indicated they would walk out of the government if there was any move down the road of a common debt union. The Social Democrats (SPD) and the Green Party support eurobonds provided they come with strong conditions attached. And a new opinion poll yesterday put the SPD on 29 per cent and the Greens on 19 per cent, which is enough to give them a comfortable majority in the Bundestag in the event of an early election. ‘

Barroso doing a Walter Hallstein …. wonder does Dr Merkel remember him?

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