Explaining the European Debt Crisis with LEGO

Via Felix Salmon, JP Morgan put out a note a while back explaining the European Debt Crisis with LEGO.

Key graphic (summary explanation here):

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You need a Plan B, IMF tells Osborne

Growth to fall well below Government’s predictions, while rethink of austerity drive urged if downturn continues


Osborne on a conference call with Michael Burke this morning – Burke declines, as too busy with those TASCy Promissory Notes – but promises to send one of his High Infants graduates. HRH delighted and sends a warm note of appreciation to Patricia the Irish Sovereign_in_exile.

A further enhancement for the benefit of the 9 year old would be the new Delta One lego which is an empty box retailing at CHF 2 bn which facilitates the buying and selling of synthetic lego that doesn’t actually exist. So it’s like his 5 year old sister playing pretend.

From the Dastardly Deauville Tango to the Waltz of Indecision …. Nickki an Angie one year later ….

Members of the French National Assembly and Senate listened attentively last week to a briefing from their president. As he does every Tuesday, Nicolas Sarkozy had invited leading representatives from within his governing party to breakfast at the Élysée Palace. There was nothing out of the ordinary about the weekly routine. Nor was it a surprise that at last week’s breakfast, the French president addressed the euro crisis and the difficult negotiations over aid for Greece. But then, Sarkozy formulated his thoughts in a way that baffled his audience: “I spent the night with Germany.”

But was he able to get any sleep?


It might be easier to construct the model from meccano as one could leave out a few essential nuts and bolts which seems to have been the case with the original design.

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