Job Vacancies: Secretary General of Department of Finance; Revenue Commissioner

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If Shane Ross has anything to do with it, the Secretary General ad might be a little premature; at the public accounts committee hearing this morning, Deputy Ross demanded that Kevin Cardiff stay in post to sort out the €3.6bn error and the “system failure” that allowed it to occur and continue. Deputy Ross claimed that the Department of Finance was now a “shambles” and that Kevin Cardiff should not leave it in that condition. A perhaps justifiably tetchy Kevin Cardiff was not willing to give any commitment to stay at the Department.

Who in their right mind would want the job of secretary general in the Department of Finance ? Any international candidate worthy of the job would want a much bigger salary than 200k for the amount of grief involved.

Plenty of failed presidential candidates twidling their thumbs with nothing to do at the moment!
With the way they talked about themselves, they sure would be able for the interview!
I could go on!


Must have own bank account

Must possess inverse qualities to e.g. Ahern, Bertie; McCreevy, Charlie; Boucher, Richie and so forth

Must have healthy interest in sadomasochism

They have done us a favour – they have shown us the absurdity of Goverment debt as a liability if it is held and eventually spent withen the borders of the state.

Its just a token kids.
In 2008 we had more then enough financial resourses to stop the bleeding , now not so much.
Our only function it seems is to feed the cores appetites via the export of our capital.
Our savings are being wasted to repay failed endevours – leaving no resourses to stop the depletion.
If each of the 1.9 million private cars depreciate on average 1000 euros a year and are not replaced thats 1.9 billion euros being lost a year in private cars alone gentlemen.
The total depreciation cost in the economy must be huge.
Its all about stocks & flows

We are being sucked dry – the lack of postive fixed capital investment in this economy means we are robbing from the future , from our kids.

Is that the same Kevin Cardiff that got promoted after his outstanding display of good judgement to the US embassy that the Irish bank guarantee would never have to be called upon?

He must be a very charming and clubbable guy. Patrick Honohan seemed to really like him: “Oh yes, I talk to Kevin all the time”.

Once you are inside the circled wagons you seem to have it made.

Just looking at the September credit stats – the loans for house purchases are up for the first time in a long long time , up by nearly 200 million from Aug to Sep
From 97,771 to 97,964 million and household deposits up a large 539 million in the month to 91,769.
If our banks are programmed to just give credit for houses then that 91+ billion is best kept on Goverment books.
Our bankers just want credit it seems – the quality of the credit is a alien concept to them – they are volume experts.
Somebody better tell them we have enough friggin houses.

The Department of Finance is our most dangerous department – stashed full of especially arrogant Sir Humphreys, who can sorta talk the talk, but lack all ability to walk the walk.

Almost no accountants, almost no real world experience – yet they gamed the system and created a ‘super principal officer’ grade for more pay. They have HUNDREDS of PO’s…which is insane given the poor quality of the accounts they publish.

They haven’t a clue what they are doing, never had, and never will unless an outside Sec Gen is brought in. But allied to that Sec Gen, there’ll need to be dozens of actual financial controllers brought in, people (shock horror) with actuall experience of management accounting, especially performance management.

The places is a shambles…and yet is in charge of tens of billions ?

Ivan Yates fairly filleted Cardiff for his oversight of the banking system when Patrick Neary was reporting to him. Yates said the highly paid job, which Cardiff said will be “a doddle” at PAC, is Cardiff’s reward for failure. Yates said that Cardiff is getting the job becasue that is how Ministers who are captive to the Civil Service shift people out of a Department. What a system!

@Desmond Brennan

Thank you for sharing that little rant with us gentle readers.

At least it makes a change from your kicking the Greeks in the teeth, and insulting the entire middle east, in an earlier thread. In terms of the management of blog accounting and improving performance management [on which you are unquestionably a global expert] you might downsize the rants to a single sentence not exceeding 10 words and including only one disparaging verb; no adjective or adverbs please. You might also reduce the dose of those little blue pills ….

@David O’Donnell
Just to be clear: I’ll not repsond to posts that are not about the substantive topic of the thread, as such is not good manners to the readers

Mirabile dictu – real progress: love that ‘good manners’ bit; perhaps another 10% downsizing on those little blue pills?

@David O’Donnell

You are a proverbial pain and clearly have no knowledge of the workings of the D of F. If you had done some research on the D of F you would find that it is exactly in the state set out by Desmond Brennan but you just prefer to abuse people.

Humble and sincere apologies if I have upset you my dear – didn’t realise that you were a couple.

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