Academic Positions at TCD Economics

The details are here, deadline February 1st.   Online applications should be made at this site.

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quelle surprise

Public hires while private fires …….nobody here gets it, they know it but they dont get it


Since 2009, TCD Economics has lost 8 academic staff members (including some very senior staff), through resignations and retirements. The recruitment of 2 entry-level positions should be viewed in this context.

Good to see. Some endowed philantrophic chairs badly needed in TCD. People like Karl Whelan, Morgan Kelly, Philp Lane, Kevin O’Rourke all TCD economics grads. Pipeline of such people being cut off. Whatever the resident critics here think they have been a major national resource throughout this.

@Liam D

The main concern, rather than criticism, I suspect many harbor is not at the level of individual posts in the public service, but the impression that there is a complete lack of joined up thinking at what you economists I presume call the ‘macro’ level.

By coincidence, the NCC report emphasizes working with in a defined pay bill and keeping pay costs down, while on the other hand increments and recruitment seem to continue on under Croke Park, merrily or not.

It seems at times as if one hand of government doesn’t know what the other is doing. The whole ‘austerity narrative’ looks less and less convincing each time exceptions occur.

Just my 2c.

Good to see this as TCD was becoming ridiculously weak in Econ

And staffing in allied subjects, politics, psych and phil is a real issue – phil especially being a loony nest of continentals/cultural theorist types

There’s now a chasm between say Oxford and Trinity in all those areas – and I hope funding for more full professorships can be found

@Desmond Brennan

‘There’s now a chasm between say Oxford and Trinity’

There has and always will be bar one of the gulf states deciding to take it over.

@Dave John
There’s always been a difference…but not the present chasm – and of course recall that Prof Kevin O’Rourke just left TCD Econ to take up a Uni Prof role with Oxford

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