Corporate Balance Sheet Adjustment

Bruegel looks at corporate deleveraging in this paper.

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(1) The Dork
(2) grumpy
(3) Karl Whelan
(4) seafóid
(5) Paul Hunt
(6) Colm McCarthy (gulp)

I welcome the contribution you have made above and…

(1) see you did not earn your ‘slasher’ nickname for nothing
(2) am amazed at your complete omission of the European dimension
(3) am confirmed in my opinion that you have been captured by the financial elete
(4) need only add that yet again you are deflecting from the real issues that can be dealt with here in Ireland
(5) if I could only understand it, would comment further
(6) heartily concur.

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(2) Quote sentence two
(3) Quote sentence three
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I can only think…

(1) you’ve been at the Beamish again
(2) of the recent IMF survey of Central Banking regulation
(3) longingly of the fjords
(4) you are some kind of internet backstabber
(5) that your excellent report should be implemented in full
(6) slowly

But it is important to note that the real cause of the current crisis is…

(1) Nixon taking the US completely off the gold standard
(2) A bunch of 20 year old lapdancing afficianados making out like bandits
(3) Sovereign profligacy
(4) A badly designed monetary ystem
(5) An unholy alliance of Irish politicians, property developers and a subservient meeja
(6) The St Bartholemew’s Day Massacre


(1) Krugman
(2) Koo
(3) Mankiw
(4) Bill Mitchell
(5) Schauble
(6) Ken Rogoff

puts it…

(1) Stimulus, stimulus, stimulus
(2) It’s a balance sheet recession
(3) Why aren’t there any students here?
(4) A truly sovereign state can never run out of currency
(5) Sign it and we won’t f**k you like the Greeks
(6) Your move: but its mate in three.

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economy crisis debt euro deficit default
Merkel Sarkozy Kenny Papandreou Draghi Monti
Hayek Keynes Ricardo Smith Marx Minsky
Rhianna Madonna Lady Gaga Jessie J Beyonce Clint Eastwood
1971 1999 1815 1848 1916 2525

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