February 23rd: CSO Balance of Payments Seminar

Details here.

One reply on “February 23rd: CSO Balance of Payments Seminar”

It’s good to see the CSO involved in this type of event.

I would certainly attend if I was in Dublin.

As we know, the foreign-owned sector has a big impact on the balance of payments and that impact is generally opaque.

Less than 1,000 work in a small number of leasing companies that own over 3,000 commercial aircraft in service across the world.

How reliable is company suppled CSO data – – CSO forms arriving in companies do not elicit the same attention in companies that tax forms get.

Yesterday’s volatile monthly industrial production data shows that estimates of work-in-progress at chemical companies are not reliable.

Is foreign investment by Irish registered holding companies treated as ‘outward’ FDI even though its a foreign-financed investment from the very start?

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