Secretary General of Department of Health

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If the Chief Executive of the HSE has to answer for all the problems rather than the secretary general then I just might go for it.

Interested? Details here.

>Implying that an internal candidate hasn’t already been marked for the position.

The spec would provide good material for Lucy Kellaaway of the FT.

If the management consultancy jargon on vision, leadership etc was actually to be taken seriously, an internal candidate wouldn’t have a chance.

The reality is that the person appointed will never have taken a consequential decision in their professional lives.

…. I will be kind of surprised if an external candidate gets it. They would have to be members of an awful lot of golf clubs as no doubt about 50 people will want to be involved in the decision on the appointment … same old story (and it ain’t just the public sector) – everyone wants to be consulted for their opinion but nobody wants to do the actual work to make the delivery happen.

The reality is that the person appointed will never have taken a consequential decision in their professional lives.

Are you kidding? The actions of the state hinges on the decisions this class of persons makes daily.

Which is why the state is currently creaking and stretched to breaking point.

I don’t see the pay anywhere? Is it vulgar to include that particular detail on the ad.. Still the vulgarity doesn’t stop some peopople from moaning. Still amazes me – all the evidence points to the overpaid and greedy actually underperform but the mantra is still the same.
“THE NATIONAL Treasury Management Agency warned the Minister for Finance in a private letter that imposing a pay cap of €200,000 on its staff would impede its work and have “serious detrimental consequences” for the taxpayer.”

What bullsh*t! We learn from history that we learn nothing from history..:(

@Philip (nothing personal but I feel the following should be said)

IMHO publicly adverising positions like that is just pure hypocisy as everyone knows it will go to an “invaluable”insider.

Recent university graduates have “copped on ” to this blatant hypocrisy. Only 3200 university graduates applied for the the 29000 Euro (plus pension, plus imcrements etc) a year Admin officer positions.

While I have no doubt that some Union rep might be brazen enough to try and cite “poor pay” as the reason for a low number of applicants (for the AO positions) everyone knows the real reason for the low number of applicants.

By placing such a “public” advert here this (otherwise excellent) is IMHO only inciting cynicism, feeding into the hypocrisy of cronyism, and insulting readerś intelligence.

I look forward to reading many of your (usually) excellent threads.:)

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