Consolidated Deposit Trends at Irish Covered Banks

The DF has released a new note on deposit trends at the Irish covered banks – it is here.

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The tide started to turn in July 2011. This was after the recap but more importantly when depositors became aware that they had been putting money into ‘safe’ European banks that were a lot less safe than the Irish banks that they had been taking the money out of.
Depositors, mostly corporate depositors, that should have known a lot better all along.

I would have thought this is bad news. The level of deposits has dropped slightly over a year, this at a time when the banks are falling over themselves to offer good rates for deposits.

Given that in a normalised banking environment (i.e. not the past 10 years) loans have to be funded from deposits, this does not suggest the Irish banks will be back lending any time soon.

“No person should place reliance on the accuracy of the data”

or to put it simply “this document is a pack of lies!”

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