European Commission Report on Ireland

Here is the European Commission’s report.

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It takes a peculiar sort of myopia to produce a report like this on Ireland that references GDP dozens of times, but does not once mention GNP.

Beginning to dislike this deep poltical anylasis of other European countries as if it was our business – we should just deal with them on a inter sovergin level and all of us somehow put this European disaster experiment behind us as politics in ones home country can be hard enough to grasp sometimes.
For example a Irish elite not dependent on the Euro Teat could have told the Germans back in 2008 that if we receive austerity to pay back unrepayable debt then the debt becomes unrepayable – beginning with malinvested credit Bonds with default working its way down to deposits , sovergin debt etc etc.
That would have changed the dynamic.
Its best to keep it simple stupid don’t you think ? – especially in formal chains of command as withen the cracks of confusion fly the Vultures & the Ravens.

Meanwhile the Sunday Indo Rags vaguely Churchillian howls of “We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills – but no just yet” has had its day in the Sun.
This Euro Cretinism needs to be accepted for what it is – a epic disaster for the European commons –
First they came for the small farmers and eventually they will come knocking on all of our doors.
Its time we face this evil – rather then dance with it although I must admit its a fun playground for the Malcontents of this world.

I never thought I’d see “hump” and economics in the same paper. From that point of view this paper is truly noteworthy.
From every other point of view it is as expected. It and the IMF paper are clearly preparing for a probable failure of the programme. The risks section is the one worth reading. It just isn’t going to work

Yea maybe now that I have read this thrash.
I guess every time there is a review now domestic consumption & capital investment growth (but what is capital investment in a extreme market state? – its not really capital is it ? – its just more consumption) will always be 2 years ahead of us – we are dumb chickens I guess – deserve no better.
Now that I look back on the post 1987 Ireland I can see its trajectory in a semi rational manner.
We became a full up battery hen farm – fattened on credit /oil we were , surrounded by chickenshit that kept growing & growing & growing for some funny reason.
Now its time for the chop and yet we are somehow surprised.
The massive rollover of the population via outward & inward migration will turn the place into a even more soulless incville.
A sort of departure lounge economy full of watchfull distrustful eyes – in the interests of economic efficiency of course.
Many of the remaining sentient people may decide to check out before this is all over.
I can’t begin to comprehend how sinister this Europe really is – the high level planning gone into this is mind blowing.

A scary comment Dork. Who do you think is pulling the strings at the highest level though?
If what you suggest is true (that this has all been planned) then i doubt the puppet masters are anybody we ever see on the 9 o’clock news.

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