Understanding Banking in Ireland

Central Bank economists have released two new technical papers on the Irish banking sector:

Modelling the corporate deposits of Irish financial institutions: 2009 – 2010

The financial crisis and the pricing of interest rates in the Irish mortgage market: 2003-2011

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Understanding banking in Ireland :

1. A job in the bank

2. Bank shares are blue chip

3 Be with AIB

4 The social status of the bank manager


5 AIB has an existential crisis once every 30 years or so and this one is a real humdinger

Prof Philip Lane posted a link some time ago to a paper re how the ECB banking system works amongst other things.

Prof Lane described it as somethign like “mandatory reading for contributors to this blog”.

I was hoping to read it to help me understand the ECB system but I annot find the relevant posting and link. Can anyone direct me to this?

Does the ECB banking system actually work ? if so for whom does it work for pray tell ?

The liquidity support for commercial Banks and therefore their credit hyperinflated assets rather then States themselves by both the CBI & ECB calls into question what exactly are they now ?
Super banks completly divorced from the state I imagine – free to S$£t into them at will.
I will continue to believe that all credit deposits withen european states should have been nationalised with the international bond holders eating the losses.
As for corporate deposit holders well that adds further to the complexity of this byzantine model.
Complexity = Fragility

But Fishers maxim of nationalising money and not the banks holds true to this very day.

@ Dork

Complexity doesn’t necessarily mean fragility.
The problem is monoculture. Spuds in the 1840s. Houses in 2007.

Diversity = Resilience

Yes you are correct – ecosystems are a good example
If the Krill in Antarctica somehow disappear all of the Fauna gets wiped out.
I agree – but complexity and diversity are slightly different.

Money needs to be simple not complex as it is the medium through which the Flora & Fauna operate.
A element with 2 Hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom comes to mind.
Yeah 2 to 1 leverage might be the optimum monetory envoirment – as opposed to 8 to 1 leverage of the pre 1987 Irish sea or the 42 to 1 leverage of the naughties.
These are obviously failed monetory worlds.

@Central Bank

Non-technical summaries appreciated.

@seafoid, the dork

On complexity theory – cf Santa Fe Institute

@Central Bank

Blind Biddy has figured out a Higgs-bosun algorithm which allows shredded promissory notes to be re-replicated and tossed out of the little black hole in one of your vaults and back into the real serf-economy … very hush hush … not a word to Frankfurt am Main …. she is hoping for an invite in the near future to afternoon tea with The Guv’nor for some ‘confidential’ if substantive discussions!

The 11:38 pm link can be found by Googling-

Whistleblowers drawn by tip-off payouts

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