Varieties of Eurobonds

Eurobonds have returned to the forefront of the euro debate.  There are many varieties of eurobonds.  Some have been designed to mitigate the moral hazard risks that concern German officials (and many others).  The euro-nomics group (of which I am a member) have been advocating the concept of “European Safe Bonds” (ESBies) that does not involve joint and several liability, while other proposals have also been made.

Shahin Vallee recently made a presentation to the European Parliament comparing the main alternatives – the presentation file is here.

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Does anyone else get the sense that the EuroZone, and this blog, are in some form of Nietszchean ‘eternal recurring’ time loop? And going no-where … except deeped into an odious black hole.

One that seems to loop around every 18 months or so where everything is forgotten and we all end up back at square one again condemned to repeat the ideological idiocy that continues to fail while odious financial system debt heaped on the citizenries of the EZ continues to increase …

EuroBonds today, NAMA getting ‘credit flowing’, personal insolvency legislation proposed, banks needing re-capitalisation, mortgage arrears, politicos spinning, an_other EU Summit, Merkel saying Nein, etc etc etc … I just get the sense that we were here before ….

Intergalactic text from Seven_of_9: Check for matrixsQuidesque implants …. just under the roight ear! probably has more social scientific validity than the constraints within the Fiscal Corset …

@David O’Donnell

Looks like it’s just you and me kiddo. The rest must have gone to that black hole in the sky.

I share your frustration but it only appears to be going around in circles because nobody is actually dealing with the problem.

exactly DOD…..

the debtors are looking to cheat the creditors whether through default, inflation, eurobonds, appeals for solidarity, the growth fairy etc… the creditors are looking to get paid whether through threats, more loans, appeals for reasonable people to take charge

and round it goes

What do you expect….revolution? The world is turning slowly, for now. Patience.

Angela could only identify three last night – nein, nein & nein

Roll on the SPD/Green executive in Germany ….

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