CSO: Key Economic Indicators

The CSO recently launched a handy new site, which is a ‘one stop shop’ for a range of macro/financial data (clicking on the links brings you to more detailed data summaries).

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Fantastic new tool………………….

Jasus – everything looks worse from this perspective.

Still , its good to know we are keeping the Core alive , it gives one a nice warm feeling inside – they can continue to Suck Diesel at our expense and all.


This is what a reverse transfer union looks like folks.
All of the periphery is frostbitten so all the remaining blood must flow to the core body , keeping its temperature up and the European dream of conquering the south pole alive.

Shame the Yanks got there first…… should we tell them ? or just sit and wait for something to happen ?

Check out the New private cars licensed graph…..

Its much like a weak Cardiac signal seen after the patient has experienced a heart attack.

@Philip Lane @CSO

An excellent reference summary. Well done to CSO.

One small point. How does one access this site.
It does not seem to be on the main CSO portal.
It deserves a top slot on the main CSO portal.
[If portal is the correct word.]

I agree about it being easily found, it’s currently in the ‘News Corner’ on the front page but I’m sure that will eventually be removed.

Any predictions on whether unemployment will exceed 15% in the next set of cso figs

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