The ECB and Its Watchers

This annual event sees various ECB analysts from academia and the private sector interact with ECB officials.

The programme is here, with various presentations available for download.

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no PIIGS representatives. I guess they dont get to interact just do what they are told?

@David O’Donnell

What will you tell your grandchildren you did during the Euro? 🙂

Kept a few in the pocket, maintained the principle of solidarity, and defaulted on evey phynning of odious financial system debt available. Banished all PR Guys, Spinners, Bank Directors, P1ss poor Governance Insiders, PeeDees, and sundry gougers to Spike Island on mouldy bread and watery stirrabout for a decade, and elected Blind Biddy as Taoiseach of an Emergency Government to return the republic to the citizenry. No problem!

oops … would, of course, have relocated the European Central Bank to Thomond Park in Limerick, picked up that $30 billion letter of comfort from Herr Geithner, and restored European Social Democracy to its rightful place in the European Project with the Euro as the World’s most reliable currency, appointed Mr Sarkozy as Ambassador to the Sahel for life, and elevated Angela Merkel as quarter-master general of the ICA* on the recommendation of The Neu Taoiseach.

*Irish Citizens’ Army

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