Governance for the Eurozone: Integration or Disintegration?

New EUI/Wharton e-book here.

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A Professor Laffan has a chapter here …

Brigid Laffan
University College Dublin
Brigid Laffan PhD took office as the Principal of the College of
Human Sciences, University College Dublin, in September 2004.
In 1991, Professor Laffan was appointed as Jean Monnet Professor
of European Politics in the Department of Politics, UCD. She was
the founding Director of the Dublin European Institute UCD in
1999. In March 2004, she was elected as a member of the Royal Irish
Academy. She is a member of the Research Council of the European
University Institute (EUI) Florence, the National Economic and Social
Council (NESC) and the Irish Government’s High Level Asia
Strategy Group. Professor Laffan is author of Integration and Cooperation
in Europe, 1992, The Finances of the Union, 1997, and
co-author of Europe’s Experimental Union, 2000. She has published
numerous articles in the Journal of Common Market Studies and
the European Journal of Public Policy. Professor Laffan co-ordinated
a six country cross national research project entitled Organising for
Enlargement (2001-2004), financed by the EU Commission’s Fifth
Framework Programme, and is part of an integrated research project
on New Governance in Europe.

@Professor Laffan

Blind Biddy would like to know if and when you might comment on this blog?

As some of the contributions by Colin Scott has demonstrated – there are a few useful analytical tools in political science that might contribute to the ‘broader social scientific analysis’ on the emegence of Irish Krisis once called for by The Governor …..

…. but if everyone stays put in their narrow disciplinary silos then a plausible and broad interdisciplinary take on said krisis simply ain’t gonna happen … which supports the continuance of the present upper_echelon inbred insider clique of abysmal governance that the poor citizen_serfs have to put with ….

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