Professional Diploma in Official Statistics for Policy Evaluation

Some readers of this blog might be interested in this upcoming course – some final spots available.

See here.

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Great subject for a course Philip. I am struggling with Statistics, on at least three separate fronts at the moment. It comes into so many things.

Market Research/Research data collection.
Financial Theory.
Risk Management.

Basically, you can never fully get into those subjects, without a good foundation in Statistical maths. I have encountered a lot of people are also, who work actively in those three fields, and they stay at arm’s length from the statistical maths, because it is never taught properly, in most courses. BOH.


IMF Research Bulletin — September 2012: The research summaries in the September 2012 issue of the IMF Research Bulletin are “Surges in Capital Flows: Why History Repeats Itself” (by Mahvash S. Qureshi) and “The LIC-BRIC Linkage: Growth Spillovers” (by Issouf Samake, Yongzheng Yang, and Catherine Pattillo). The Q&A covers “Seven Questions on Monetary Transmission in Low-Income Countries” (by Prachi Mishra and Peter Montiel). “Conversations with a Visiting Scholar” features an interview with IMF Fellow Olivier Coibion. Also included in this issue are details on the IMF Fellowship Program, visiting scholars at the IMF, a listing of recently published IMF Working Papers and Staff Discussion Notes, and an announcement on IMF Economic Review’s first Impact Factor.

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