Kilkenomics 2012

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The annual festival where economics meets comedy in Kilkenny is on this year from 1st to the 4th of November. I’m speaking at it this year and really looking forward to it. The lineup looks good and the sessions will definitely be interesting. Here’s a video of the type of stuff that goes on. The festival has always sold out. I’m told the tickets are almost gone now so if interested, readers of this blog should book them now.

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  1. grumpy Says:

    Jeepers that line up looks a bit lop-sided – is it always like that?

    Maybe I should go into bat for the establishment!

  2. Al Says:

    What about these guys??

    The heterodoxy stuff was hilarious!!

  3. Tullmcadoo Says:

    Like DEW without the entertainment ?

  4. Stephen Says:

    @tull, this year we had a brass band at DEW!

    @Al, the term of art was ‘heterodoxity’ I believe.

  5. Al Says:

    @ SK
    Whatever way you want to live your life!
    I have no right to judge!

  6. Tullmcadoo Says:

    Was everybody playing from the same sheet. Why did DEW leave Kenmare?

  7. Stephen Kinsella Says:

    @Tull, it was cost as far as I know. Personally love Kenmare as a location.

  8. Rodders Says:

    Bring back Kenmare! A much better venue.

  9. DOCM Says:

    This old movie might provide an appropriate background.

  10. PR Guy Says:

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