November Exchequer Statement

The Exchequer Statement for November has been published by the Department of Finance.  The shortfall in taxation flagged in the White Paper is clearly visible in the Analysis of Tax Receipts and is further explained in the Information Note accompanying the return.  Income Tax was €300 million (12.1%) below the monthly target.  There is also an Analysis of Net Voted Expenditure.

The new Analytical Statement is an addition to the monthly information presented by the Department of Finance.

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Not ideal to be behind target on tax take and expenditure but with the headline deficit figure expected to come in at 8.2%, there will be no major concern at the troika.

There is a worry that capital expenditure is being delayed into next year to cover the over spend in the departments of health and social welfare. Hopefully that trend does not continue in 2013.

Self-employed slowly going down the plughole in Ireland – lower earnings = lower tax take…. and a lot of them are running out of savings and crapping themselves about whether they will be able to pay the mortgage after Christmas. This is not conjecture. I know many self-employed people.

I’m one of those self employed. Remember we are all working in the domestic economy which is dying bit by bit.

I could have told you that the self employed returns were going to be low. A lot of us are just surviving. Living on the overdraft and savings and cutting back on consumption.

I’m not looking forward to the budget because its going to increase nearly all my input costs and I’d be a brave man to try and increase my prices.

I have little or no faith in the ability of our political classes to address the real issues. I’m reminded of Brian Lucey’s “sacred cows” when I look at where the focus of the budget will be. It seems really strange to me that when the number of unemployed hasn’t really changes that Social Protection was over budget….. That health is over buget is not surprising given story in the “Cork Evening Echo” tonight about the €10m spent on a primary care centre in the northside that’s been rejected by the same HSE that has said it’s too small for a primary care centre. WTF!

Self-employed slowly going down the plughole in Ireland – lower earnings = lower tax take….

Well, Lower earning + lower declaration of earnings = lower tax take. Not that I blame anyone for not paying taxes to keep ascendancy wasters in luxury.

“The decision about the meat lacking in the kitchen,” as Brecht says, “is not taken in the kitchen.”

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