2 thoughts on “Tracking Global Demand for Advanced Economy Sovereign Debt”

  1. Pricing of debt in many cases is meaningless at the moment.

    The FT recently cited Philippines Sov debt which yields 3.6% today. It cost 800 bps to insure against a default in 2008 and today the price is 100bps.

    Swiss 10 year yield is 0.4% or so. Totally overvalued.

  2. “Tracking Global Demand for Advanced Economy Sovereign Debt”


    They will have to change that headline to remain creditable I fear.

    “Tracking Global Demand for liberalized Economy Sovereign Debt”

    These units no longer have a advanced workforce capable of anything but selling insurance.
    The UK no longer has the capacity to build a single reactor.
    France struggles to build one reactor with Marx brothers like night at the opera stuff in Finland…………


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