Gross Value Added for Foreign-owned Multinational Enterprises and Other Sectors Annual Results for 2011

This is a new publication from CSO. This release presents the results of the estimation of Gross Value Added at
constant (2010) factor cost using the chain linked method for sectors ofthe Irish economy dominated by foreign-owned MNEs and other sectors. This is the first time that these breakdowns have been published.

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Is this the CSO’s way of asking Richard Boyd Barrett to please be quiet after his proposals on Vincent Browne last night?
The figures point out that the vast majority of economic growth is in the two MNC dominated sectors (pharma and software)

I don’t get why much of then left is pro Euro……………RBB said nothing about the Euro.

You cannot have a viable domestic economy with the Euro as a national unit of account as it is not a national unit of account.
We are using a global reserve currency to buy the milk and Pints for God sake.

The production of money units will merely suck in imports destroying the remaining rump domestic economy.

The experience of Greece says it all.
Despite the complete destruction of its remaining capital base its oil balance has not moved.

Related link: Balance of payments: September 2012 – Table
oil balance

Y2010 : 7,056
Y2011 : 8,422
Y2012 : 8,165

The left seem to be fighting for real income extraction from the domestic economy via interest payments to sov holders , much of whom are external & official.

We don’t need left or right parties ………….we need a greenback party or if the banks want a sustainable rate of extraction from the proles a understanding of MMT amongest the political parties.

“So Ireland’s growth strategy has been based on increasing exports of real goods and services which are a cost to the domestic economy (forgoing local use). Further, any growth dividend is being largely expatriated to foreigners as rising income.

The only conclusion you can draw at this stage is that the austerity package is further impoverishing the local residents and handing over increasing quantities of Ireland’s real resources to the benefit of foreigners. That doesn’t sound like a very attractive option to me”
Billy blog.

Note to Boyd Barret – he seems to want to seize local assets and give it to external players.

Has he been to mount oval (former semi posh area with some 1 million euro houses during the Boom) recently………….
Its a strange walled off debt zone from what I saw.

The entropy is moving up the food chain.

A somewhat brighter development not far from Mount Oval near the old Rochestown station.
But the sun is setting on these units also.

What exactly is the Irish goverment trying to save ?
Metaphysical units me thinks.
Real Physical units that have a fighting chance of being saved are becoming historical artifacts.

A area that could have had a tram line invested in 2009 could now be linked directly to Mahon shopping centre and the city center.
Instead we continue to save metaphysical units that others collect.

Ireland is becoming a land without rational domestic consumption or rational investment.
A truly strange experiment.

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