‘The Department of Finance and its critics, 1956-1996’

Research seminar in contemporary Irish history, Centre for Contemporary Irish History, Trinity College Dublin. 13th February.

The seminar will take the form of a witness seminar focusing on contributions from Sean Cromien, former Secretary General of the Department of Finance.  He will speak to the theme ‘The Department of Finance and its critics, 1956-1996’.

The seminar will take place at 4.00p.m. in the IIIS seminar room C6002, Level 6 Arts Building, Trinity College. All welcome.

4 replies on “‘The Department of Finance and its critics, 1956-1996’”

Why doesn’t the period extend to 2009?
That would allow us to discuss the predictions of “a soft landing” by DoF and ESRI up to 3 months before the economy fell off a cliff!!!

Contributions from the man that said this is 2006…..

The Flight of the Earls’. Its words are bitter and bring back those difficult days, with their high unemployment, especially youth unemployment, and high emigration.

We’ve nothing left to stay for,
We’ve no more left to say,
And there isn’t any work for us to do.
So farewell, you boys and girls,
Another bloody Flight of Earls,
Our best asset is our best export too.

They now sound so strange and inappropriate—-yes they sound

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