Live Register and QNHS

The February 2013 Live Register and Q4 2012 QNHS have both been published by the CSO.

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Since when is unemployment of 14.1% something to be ok about. And don’t forget emigration!

My patience is running out

@ Eureka

who’s ok with it? but its better than 15% a year ago. And payrolls actually increased.

How much of the employment increase is accounted for by Job Bridge and other such schemes ?

@ Paul Quigley
Page 14 of the live register link above shows the increase in live register activation schemes has increase by about 3250 since last year. Job Bridge and TUS account for almost all of this.

Have the announced redundancies in the media in the last few months in BOI AIB and Ulster started yet?


Many would already have gone before year end, as far as I can tell. I guess the stability in the overall Fin Services is due to foreign firms.

The intra year turn up in most of the private sectors is welcome. Long way to go though with a unemployment rate of 14%. I would like to see a further breakdown of employment to see what impact FDI is having. Ag is a bit of a surprise.

I suppose the collective wisdom of this blog will be
*the increase is an illusion
*it will inevitably peter out when every body else gets sacked
*the fall in unemployment is due to emigration
*if only there was more structural reform
*we need a massive fiscal stimulus with OPM
We are all doomed anyway.

@ Tull
That’s a little dim.
Ultimately it’s about looking for evidence that plan A is working.
Evidence is weak

Also it is about ultimately looking for a workable plan B that is acceptable to the electorate in Ireland and indeed in Germany.

I don’t see a plan B do you?

@ Tull
Iceland came up with a decent enough plan B.
Plan B for us would be to start missing targets – force their hand

What’s the impact of the 87,000 that left the country. Must be a big saving in social welfare payments. A lot of turning corners.

Long term unemployed numbers up and an increase in part-time workers, yeah we have turned a corner alright. It’s just that we are on a round about going nowhere.

@ Paulr

“Long term unemployed numbers up”

Per the QNHS it’s actually down quite significantly…

The CSO say the big agricuture gain must be taken with caution as its prone to the census revisions that they will be applying to their estimations throughout 2013. Agriculture accounts for the majority of the gains in employment in Q4.

According to CSO stats from 2005 quoted in “Understanding contemporary Ireland” the total proportion of the workforce employed in the construction sector that year was 12.9%. I presume these people form a large chunk of the unemployed/emigrated given the strength of the Irish unemployment training system.

What would be the percentage now ?

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