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Employment prospects for young people is a vital criteria for any society, including N.Ireland.

However on a recent visit to Belfast I came across about 200 youths aged 13 to 19 years congregating in the Victoria Shopping center.

They were out of control.

Abusive, drunk, violent, several had been held by security staff at the shopping mall for fighting and attempted robbery, open drinking on the streets, being a disturbance to the public, mobbing public toilets.

Outside the center… there is a pedestrian area with a raised feature of Stainless steel rings. About 200 youths had assembled there and started to square up to the police.

No less than 6 armored Police land rovers with Video cameras surrounded the pedestrian area, I estimate that there must have been no few than 50 PSNI some in heavy Kevlar riot control attire standing by.

The youths were not deterred, and continued to jeer, roar, shout and eventually start to throw objects from one part of the crowd to the other.

Young girls wore clothes that would only have been suitable for tropical areas of the planet, despite the freezing temperatures experienced in March.

Local shops in the vicinity shut their doors, customers inside were effectively held hostage due to the volatility of the rabble outside. Shop managers made calls for police back up.

The PSNI, in fairness to them… managed to break up the rabble and defuse the situation without rioting breaking out.

As I was leaving the center… Two teenagers who spotted each other from the opposite side of the mall greeted each other with almighty roars and shouting, not even a roar from a T.Rex could equal it.

Considering the abundance of Irish Tri colour flags which the teenagers wore, I assume they were of a nationalist disposition.

I pondered about this for a while….came to the conclusion that the entire struggle for equal rights in N.Ireland was in vain.

If this is the future of N.Ireland, then everything has been a massive waste.

There is an entire Generation of young people out there… and it is not a case that they are unemployed…. it is a case that they are UNEMPLOYABLE, like wild animals roaming around in public places.

Again today… there is a link in thejournal…

But of course, with the Irish mentality (which is upside down) parents who have abdicated their responsibility to their offspring are not to blame….
the state is at fault.

I’m surprised there is any business left open in Belfast!!

The NERI report mentions youth unemployment in N.I. But where is the responsibility of the younger generation to be employable, to be law abiding, to be in control of one’s own emotions??

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