Keynes at UCD

This week marks the eightieth anniversary of Keynes’s inaugural Finlay lecture at UCD.

Charles Lysaght has a background piece about it in today’s Irish Times.

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The first page at least of a 1946 obituary by Prof George O’Brien is here:

In the last years of Keynes life, his American counterpart in the meetings at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, to agree on the post-war global financial bodies, was Harry Dexter White, a Treasury official.

White was apparently a communist and Soviet spy.

This had come to light before Irish-American Sen Joseph McCarthy had began his commie witchhunt in 1950.

Is it true that Dev vetoed the appointment of Keynes to the Banking Commission in 1934?


What I notice about the 1930s lecture, is how ‘close’ that Keynes felt to eras of history such as the First World War. While we think about Keynes now in terms of the second world war and the post WWII conferences, we forget about the impact of the earlier 1910s decade on someone such as Keynes.

I guess, it is a little like how economists nowadays, say Paul Krugman for instance, would think back to what they had worked on or experienced in the 1970s. BOH.

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