The Future of EMU

The European Commission sponsored a project on the future of EMU over the last few months: this Economic Brief by Robert Kuenzel and Eric Ruscher provides an overview. Some of the papers are now available in the European Economy Economic Papers series (including my own paper “Capital Flows in the Euro Area”):

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And the articles by Soros and Sinn with the former’s blog post reply to the latter. (H/T Eurointelligence).

With the public hearings of the Constitutional Court on the ESM scheduled for 11 June, and the Bundesbank’s formal negative legal view now in the public domain, it is difficult to see how even Merkel can effect any improvement in sentiment this side of the German elections. Indeed, the prognosis must be for further damage emerging from the deepening political divide in German with regard to how to proceed with regard to the euro crisis.

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