4 thoughts on “F&D: Profile of Carmen Reinhart”

  1. “In any event, the paper became part of the intense political debate over austerity versus stimulus—although it took no position on either”

    Hmmm. I don’t believe the IMF claim here…

  2. 90 .. er .. %!

    to go with the .. er .. 3% and the .. er .. 60% and the er .. 1/20th and all the other ‘silly’ abstractions that impose hardship on the foolish citizens who put up with such ‘NONSENSE’ that simply supports the dictatorship of the financial system.

  3. thanks a lot for the post!

    I hadn’t read her bio to this detail, and the indirect link to the Jan 2008 paper made me less negative about the worth of economists.

    And I want to point out, that she had substantial real world experience, before getting into academic economics.

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