Conference: Health Systems in the Era of Austerity

The current economic crisis has led to large reductions in public health budgets in Ireland and across the EU.

Already stressed health systems are under huge pressure to maintain safe services and to do more with less. At the same time, they are expected to meet more complex, growing health needs while improving and reforming service delivery.

The economic crisis provides a unique opportunity to examine how different health systems are faring in recessionary times, and to draw out lessons for policy coming from cross country comparisons.

‘Health systems in the Era of Austerity’ is a joint ESRI/TCD conference, held at the ESRI on Tuesday June 18th 2013.

A panel of Irish and international experts will examine national and international experiences, drawing on TCD research on the resilience of the Irish health system and on a joint ESRI/TCD/WHO ‘rapid response’ report on health system responses to the economic crisis. Contrasting lessons from Spain, Estonia and the wider WHO Europe region will also be presented.

Link to conference programme here.

2 replies on “Conference: Health Systems in the Era of Austerity”

I was in a ‘major Dublin hospital’ just last night – visiting a relative.
I have to say I was incredibly impressed with the place……
then I realised I was in the private paid for bit……

It should be an interesting conference but I can’t help but question how the system is unfit for purpose and yet the analysis is of how different people cope with the debt-based system rather than how to make the system more fit for purpose.

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