Schauble on the European Recovery

FT oped here.

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He sounds like George Osborne claiming responsibility for an economic miracle propped up by Central Bank generosity to speculators.

@Kevin O’Rourke

I know I should’t have, but I had to chuckle once or twice while reading the following:

Why be ashamed?

AEP can make fun of the current EU economic policy making apparatus and the current flavour of EMU because it is laughable, and he sounds more sympathetic to the plight of Europe’s unemployed than anyone in the current EU economic policy making apparatus because he is (and he barely cares at all).

The really shameful thing is that a Tory conspiracy theorist and unapologetic reactionary still seems more rational and humane than most of the people responsible for setting European economic and monetary policy.

I’m not ashamed Shay: it’s a polemical rant, but what a glorious and articulate rant it is; and I basically agree with just about everything he says.

I always check AEP out, and I agree: how bizarre that a British Tory is articulating views on macroeconomic policy that should really be coming from Europe’s thoroughly useless left, but isn’t.

German youth unemployment is 8%. Presumably this rate is the EZ average since he didn’t mention it. There seems to be a lot of elite credibility riding on the assumption that the risk off wolf has been shot.

@ Seafoid

Youth unemployment in the Eurozone is close to 25% I think. So much higher than the German rate.

Greek anti fascist singer murdered in Athens by ultra right wing thug linked to Golden Dawn party. Some recovery going on there.

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