Post-Troika, What’s Next For Ireland?

On the 28th of March at the Aviva conference centre, a conference looking at what’s next for Ireland will take place in the context of Ireland’s new economic governance rules. The programme is here. The conference is organised by the European Commission and the Dublin Chamber of Commerce.

By Stephen Kinsella

Senior Lecturer in Economics at the University of Limerick.

2 replies on “Post-Troika, What’s Next For Ireland?”

At a time which demands proctive radicalism – hardly a radical in sight.

Did I spot an economic adviror to the leader of one of the worst governments ever in the history of Western Europe?

The Troika has not left; an odious debt remains.

Best with the conference.

If tapering goes well and there is no stress on the euro side I wouldn’t be surprised to see some action on getting things moving in Ireland’s banks..

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