Evidence on the likely impact of the patent cliff

NUIM’s Chris Van Egeraat has posted some recently presented work responding to this Department of Finance working paper (.pdf) on the patent cliff, first brought to my attention, anyway, on this blog by Frank Barry.

Chris looks carefully at the actual products coming off patent and finds only one, Nameda, which is big enough to cause a wobble. As he notes, the amount of information is pretty poor in this area, so caveats remain.

By Stephen Kinsella

Senior Lecturer in Economics at the University of Limerick.

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It is worth asking what the impact on Irish exports of some of the newer drugs will be. AMGN, LLY and REGN are ramping up production in Ireland presumably for biological drugs. Also is their any benefit to Ireland from GILD’s new wonder drug for HEP C.?

Indian generics could save the HSE, and Irish citizen-serfs, a fortune!

Why do we not make our own generics?

And when will the pragmatic decision to de-criminalize cannabis, and make it legal for certain sufferers, be taken?


Blind Biddy would like to know how u gettin on with those cork chemicals? The ol’ rhino horn is a bit too expensive for your welfare cheque and it doesn’t work anyway!

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