Shortlist announced for the New Statesman/SPERI prize in political economy

The list is here.  In addition to the obvious candidates, I was pleased to see the inclusion of Anne Wren (affiliated with the IIIS here at TCD), with the citation reading:


Anne Wren

Wren’s work on the service economy deserves to be better known.  The judges said that reading her work on low wages in the services sector had the effect of ‘turning on a light-bulb’ for them and noted that The Political Economy of the Service Transition was ‘a book for our times’.  As a research associate of the Institute for International Integration Studies at Trinity College, Dublin, she combines economic insight with political acuity.

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Congratulations Anne. It is a testament to the broader political science/comparative political economy literature that underpins her research. More and more students who are interested in studying the actual existing economy recognize that they are probably better placed in political science departments.

@Anne Wrenn

Well done!


This guy’s work on the real economy is also admiralbe.

Wolfgang Streeck

Streeck is one of the directors of the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies in Germany. He has long offered a first-rate analysis of the ‘German model’ of the social market economy and of European social democracy more generally, highlighting both their strengths and limits. His research has always been deepened by the time he has spent as a political adviser. The judges noted with interest that his writing has become notably more pessimistic in recent years.

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