Housing the Homeless

James Surowiecki has an interesting piece on housing the homeless here.

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@Brendan Walsh

You are to be congratulated for raising this issue, and the new novel approach to dealing with homelessness outlined in the article.
With a supposed 9% annual rise in GNP just reported, there is a slim possibility that homelessness might find its way off the bottom rung of the agenda.
However, the top priority is still to featherbed the landlord class with rising rents caused by a deliberate housing shortage. The fact that some tenants, who can’t afford the increased rents, get turfed out is too bad. There are landlords and bank collateral to be supported.

The second priority us to give wealthy individuals (who may have read about some sort of economic crisis in the newspapers) a tax cut that was paid for by the EMERGENCY LEGISLATION that pushed through a third public-sector pay cut.

We truly do live in a functioning plutocracy.

Housing the homeless is far less important to NAMA than the profit its makes. The more NAMA make in profit, of course, the better the bonus payments to its staff.
It looks more and more like a full blown conspiracy, with all the institutions of the State conspiring to drive house prices up. The DOF, the minister, NAMA, the ESRI, with the silent support of Irelan’d property owners.

NAMA has been hoarding land since its inception, so that it make a profit on the original ‘purchase’ price from the banks.
It is market manipulation on a grand and national scale.
Roll on those bonus payments.


Utah has a large Mormon population with a long established culture of charity and proselytism. They are where Ireland was back in the God fearing days.
This could not be done in an Ireland which is rife with begrudgery. If the upper middle class in Dublin just one generation away from rural subsistence are vehemently opposed to universal, one payer health care. Then, I do not see how single mothers with infants could be given a decent abode.

Only in Ireland you say, pity!

“House price rises needed to ease homes shortage: Nama chief -”

He would say that, wouldn’t he? “Keep up the Big Lie!”

If only ‘homlessness’ were that simple. Its not that dealing with it is politically intractable – its the fact that no political Rottweiler has emerged (so far) to use the issue for his/her own political advancement. The folks who are currently bleating about homlessness are merely ‘dead sheep’.

It not a matter of constructing ‘more’ dwellings on green or brown sites, but the re-furbishment and/or re-allocation of existing urban-based buildings – many homeless folk are city-folk and have grievous psychological and physical health issues. So they not only require either temporary shelters or permanent homes, but lots of other help besides.

But will that social principle get traction? Nope – not unless that Rottweiler comes along.

Constituency is too small to matter.

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