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The page contains statistical information on taxes and duties for which the Office of the Revenue Commissioners is responsible, as well as further outputs linked to Revenue’s activities and links to tax related information sources on other websites. Information is presented under a number of categories:
· Tax Receipts
· Ready Reckoners
· Registrations, Assessment and Transactions
· Income Tax and Corporation Tax
· Vehicle Registration Tax
· Incidence of Excise and VAT on Oils, Alcohol and Tobacco
· Cross Border Price Surveys
· Local Property Tax Compliance Stats

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Some very interesting information.
I was somewhat astounded by the dominance of Dublin in our economic affairs. Across nearly all tax heads ‘Dublin’ seems to be way ahead of 50%.
From the data given for 2013 the ‘Dublin’ portion of the ‘net tax receipts’ under each tax head is :

VAT: 60% of total € 9051 million
PAYE: PAYE/USC: 52% of total €12955 million
Non-PAYE: PAYE USC 41% of total € 2797 million
Corp Tax: 64% of total € 4270 million
CGT 40% of total € 367 million
Overall 54% of total € 29440 million.

Even recognising that VAT is sometimes returned on a single corporate basis (based in Dublin) and other similar anomalies, there still seems to be a huge imbalance between tax, and therefore income, between Dublin and the regions.
Considering that Dublin contains 27.7% of the population of the State, the tax returns by county, for whatever reason, give the impression of a vibrant capital surrounded by a semi-neanderthal economic region.

Irish Revenue is consistently ranked in the top tier of efficient revenue admins globally.

Joseph Ryan
This eviðence won’t put an end to the poor mouthing from the regions, claiming that Dublin is disproportionately favoured through the regional distribution of public spending.

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