2 thoughts on “Central Bank of Ireland Conference: Balance Sheet Recovery of Households and Firms”

  1. Well done to Dr John McCathy, research Director with Savills, for his opinion in The Independent ” …

    Central Bank rules will not stop house prices from soaring – John McCarthy – Irish Independent.ie


    … with the emphasis on supply.

    The Central Bank involvement is important however, for 2 major reasons. First … to protect the financial system. Second … to pressure the Authorities at both central and local level to get on dealing with land supply and infrastructure financing.

    In using the Annual Demographia Surveys as a foundation, we have had exhaustive public conversation here in New Zealand and good political progress is being made in dealing with the core structural supply issues … refer …


    New Zealand seeks to avoid “generation rent” – MacroBusiness Australia


    “Unblocking Constipated Planning” in New Zealand | Newgeography.com


    The 11th Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey was released 19th January.

    Hugh Pavletich
    Co-author Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey
    http://www.performanceurbanplanning.org/ & http://info.scoop.co.nz/Hugh_Pavletich
    New Zealand

  2. Some of this year’s Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey media coverage, since 19th January release, may be of interest …


    In essence, housing inflation is poverty creation.

    Two rather outstanding articles out of Canada …

    What’s so smart about unaffordable housing? – The Globe and Mail


    Barbara Yaffe: Vancouver’s high housing costs mean less cash on hand to pay more taxes


    Due to crushing housing costs, we have far less discretionary income than other Canadians

    By Barbara Yaffe, Vancouver Sun columnist

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